Stress and Anxiety

When you are leading a busy life, stress and anxiety are natural occurrences. Untreated chronic stress and anxiety disorder can make you ill, especially when it is intense, multifaceted or prolonged—or all three

It’s not unusual to worry about a loved one or to feel fearful about an upcoming event, such as giving a speech. However, when those worries and fears become highly intense and so unrelenting that they interfere with your ability to function in daily life, your normal anxiety may have tipped into an anxiety disorder.

When dealing with a behavioral health issue, you want compassionate care from experienced professionals. Sanela Care offers a range of outpatient behavioral health services to ensure that people have access to help when they need it.

Counseling and Therapy Services

To help diagnose your condition and create the most appropriate treatment plan, our experts do thorough evaluations and medication assessments. Once your doctor makes a diagnosis, he or she will talk with you about a treatment plan. We offer many different options.

We provide one-on-one therapy meetings with a counselor, therapist, social worker or other healthcare provider. Many people meet once a week with their therapist; depending on your needs, therapy might continue for just a few weeks or for several months.

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