Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care program is a comprehensive care program that includes A1c tests, kidney disease screens, eye exams, blood pressure tests, and cholesterol tests. Our coaching also tracks members’ medication adherence and helps troubleshoot barriers when reported medication adherence is less than 100%. Our AI based tools and analytics platform covers glucose, activity, nutrition highlighting trends of physical health and activity over time. Severe glucose spikes or problems with medication, Sanela can connect you with a doctor using our virtual care platform.

Virtual Care for Diabetes

Virtual consultation can help quickly get consultation, all while helping prevent costly diabetes complications. Get care when you need it irrespective of your location. Our team of specialists can talk to you over a tele call and put you on a treatment plan to improve your health.

Manage Diabetes

Managing Diabetes is essential to keep your health in good condition. Sanela is smart enough to know when you are running low on strips based on testing data, and then to make sure they’re delivered to their doorstep at the perfect time, enhancing adherence and improving data capture. Your refills are delivered to you before they run out. Our coaching team member reaches you if your glucose levels are off the chart.

Glucose Monitor

An easy-to-use, cellular-connected blood sugar meter will be provided to regularly monitor glucose levels. In case the member is unable to do that, our care team members will do a monthly visit and take glucose readings.

Regular Checkups

It is essential to monitor overall health for diabetes patients. As part of the plan, we will do full blood work and body check up every six months.

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