Women's Health

Women have unique health needs at every stage of their lives-from adolescence to motherhood, and beyond. Unfortunately, women also have higher risks for developing heart disease, thyroid issues, certain cancers and stroke. They need compassionate care that takes all the needs into account

Our experienced doctors takes price in keeping you healthy at every age, offering you personalized, discret care for you physical and mental well-being.

Regular Checkups

Having regular doctors visits for checkups and screening exams is essential to maintain good health. You should have blood work, biometric data such as blood pressure and weight, and other preventive testing measures done yearly. These tests reveal potential issues if any

Live Healthy, Live Well

Our goal is to empower women to live their healthiest, happiest lives. We encourage you to start a relationship with an AltaMed doctor or health care center, but we also give you tools and resources to help you proactively manage all areas of your health. Read on to learn about our health and wellness services – most available at no cost.

Elderly Health

Women may on average live longer than men, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthier. Senior women are at greater risk than men for many conditions and are affected differently by many diseases that impact both sexes. Elderly women need same care as men for many condiation, including heart disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease. However, women more often face multiple chronic conditions that affect their daily lives, such as diabetes, hypertension, or arthritis..

Women's Health Services

Well-women Exams

It’s time to book some “YOU” time with this annual exam to keep you healthy and feeling great.

Health Education

Health education is crucial part of women's ongoing wellness and management. With our educational seminars, age appropriate workshops can help cope up with on going changes.

Routine Screenings

Women, take care! Especially because your health needs and risks are different from men’s

Reproductive Health

Personalized, discreet care to keep you healthy and empowered during every stage of your life.

Behavioral Health

We want to help you take care of every part of your health and well-being—and your mental health is a large part of that.

Mammograms/Breast Health

Unfortunately, breast cancer is becoming common. Learning about breast health and getting regular screenings is a good way to reduce your risk.

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